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1st EDITION - NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 2024




The Amarris Côte d'Amour International Marathon offers the opportunity to share a pleasant moment with friends or family during a friendly and sporting weekend, in an exceptional setting.

The coast of the Loire Atlantique coast, designated as Côte d'Amour since the development of tourism in the 19th century, lives up to its name. How can you not fall under the spell of its heritage and its varied landscapes?

Between vast golden sand beaches, steep cliffs and salt marshes , it is home to charming little ports and offers panoramic views of the ocean. It appeals to nature lovers as well as fans of trendy places.

Here the land and the sea come together to provide white gold: SALT , harvested in the picturesque marshes of Guérande. Famous for its traditional collection method, the salt is extracted by hand by salt workers, who follow a careful and environmentally friendly process.

So, let yourself be seduced, come and visit the Côte d’Amour!

The Baule

La Baule, known for its fine sand beach, one of the largest bays in Europe, punctuated by the colorful touches of its equally famous beach huts.

Beyond the seaside, hidden in the pine forest, the elegance of typical Bauloise villas and prestigious hotels give a chic touch to this seaside destination.

The maritime pines, emblems of the region, offer a touch of freshness and nature. La Baule invites you to a stay combining luxury and tranquility. Learn more

The Salt Marshes of the Guérande Peninsula

Stretched over kilometers, these marshes are the result of an age-old artisanal tradition of salt harvesting.

The salt marshes of Guérande are much more than a source of precious white gold, they are the reflection of an exceptional cultural and natural heritage, connecting man to the sea in a sustainable and harmonious way. When you gain height, they offer sumptuous landscapes, vast grids in which the sky is reflected. Learn more

The Medieval City of Guérande

The medieval city of Guérande exudes timeless charm. Its magnificently preserved ancestral ramparts surround a maze of cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, testifying to its rich past. The defense towers offer picturesque views of slate roofs and bustling cobbled squares.

In the heart of the city, the majestic Saint-Aubin collegiate church recalls the religious and cultural importance of the time. Strolling through the narrow streets, punctuated with craft shops and charming cafés, offers a journey back in time amid Guérande's unique medieval atmosphere. Learn more

The Port of Croisic

The picturesque and lively port of Le Croisic is a haven for colorful boats and marine flavors. The quays lined with cafés offer a magnificent view of the maritime activity.

It is also a starting point for sea escapades, revealing the beauty of the Côte d'Amour. A place where the essence of the sea is expressed with charm. Learn more

The Wild Coast

The wild coast, between Le Croisic and Batz sur Mer, seduces with its raw natural beauty. Its steep cliffs plunge into the tumultuous waters of the ocean. Winding coastal paths allow visitors to explore this raw landscape, with breathtaking vistas.

Wildlife is also there, with seabirds flying over the waves and isolated coves sheltering an abundance of marine life. Learn more

Batz sur Mer

Batz-sur-Mer offers an authentic experience between preserved nature and coastal village charm.

Maritime charm is omnipresent in this picturesque village, where houses with colorful shutters line the cobbled streets.

Explore the historic church of Saint Guénolé which bears witness to local religious architecture. Its bell tower is an emblematic feature of the town. Its spire rises elegantly into the sky and can be seen from afar, adding a distinctive touch to the landscape of Batz-sur-Mer. Learn more

The Port of Pouliguen

The Port du Pouliguen comes alive around its emblematic lighthouse.

Colorful boats gently rock along the quays, while cobbled lanes lead to welcoming cafes and restaurants.

Sailing from Le Pouliguen often allows you to explore the surrounding islands, such as Belle-Île-en-Mer and Noirmoutier. These excursions offer a unique perspective on the natural beauty of the Côte d'Amour. Learn more

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