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1st EDITION - NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 2024


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Both a medieval city and a modern city, the town of Guérande combines historical heritage, rich cultural life and growing economic development.

Guérande is renowned for its salt marshes whose mosaic of colors forms a grandiose landscape. The Guérande salt marshes, a classified site since 1996, have between 280 and 300 salt workers, including around ten women, delivering between 8,000 and 12,000 tonnes of coarse salt and 200 to 300 tonnes of fleur de sel each year. “Guérande salt” obtained a red label in 1991, guaranteeing its quality. This wetland also has numerous regulatory protections or international recognition for its ecological value. The fauna and flora are exceptional, you may come across the pied avocet, the white stilt, the common redshank, the gray heron or even the little egret during your walks.

Guérande is also a medieval city, one of the best preserved in France and the most complete in Brittany. Its fortified enclosure, which encircles the old town, runs over 1,300 meters of curtain walls and is punctuated by 6 towers and 4 gates including the Porte Saint-Michel, an emblematic monument of Guérande. Classified as a Historic Monument in 1889, it remains the city's defining figure and testifies to the city's prestige in the Middle Ages. The Porte Saint-Michel is the main entrance to the fortified city, opening the doors of the medieval city to visitors. Within it, the Saint-Aubin collegiate church is also open to the public. A Romanesque church burned down during the sack of Guérande in 1342, the current collegiate church is a 15th and 16th century construction, in flamboyant Gothic style.

Guérande also has many villages and neighborhoods (such as Careil, Clis, la Madeleine, Queniquen, Bouzaire, Brézéan, etc.) all rich in particularities linked to their location and their history. Among these villages, some are salt-farming villages like the village of Saillé. The latter developed on a small island in the heart of the salt marshes , and is one of the main villages in the commune of Guérande . Scattered across the territory of the commune, the mills, the bread ovens, the manors, the houses with thatched roofs, are all curiosities which make up the rich heritage of Guérande.

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